Reasons Why Plant Botanic Conservation Is Important

Plant conservation is important as they are the backbone of life. In the modern era, plants are some of the most threatened species as people need more land. The number of plants that are under the threat of extinction is growing day by day and the figure stands at around 100,000 plants. Extinction of different plant species will greatly affect the entire ecosystem as there are animals that will lose and shelter. For that reason, if you want to protect the Tree Shrub Palm Bamboo Fern Cycad Succulent climber Herb Aquatic Orchid, you should give plant conservation a top priority. Several plant conservation agencies have been established a huge sum of money invested every year to conserve plants. Additionally, there are laws and policies that have been enacted to protect plants from damage by human activities. Read on to learn why plants species should be protected from extinction.

Plants processes such as photosynthesis are important in air cleaning as it takes in carbon dioxide and releases oxygen. Humans need oxygen for the proper functioning of different organs and that explains why plant conservation is important. A large forest cover will ensure that the supply of oxygen is maintained at life-sustaining levels hence protection of the entire ecosystem. Plant produce food using sunlight and that makes them primary producers in the food chain. It, therefore, means that if you remove plants, there will be no primary producers in the food chain. Since humans are part of the living organisms that rely on plants as primary producers, plant conservation is important.

Soil erosion can lead to loss of fertile land and that is why many methods have been adopted to combat soil erosion. Plants are helpful when it comes to preventing soil erosion. Therefore, if you want to stop the effects of soil erosion, plants should be protected. The other reason to conserve plants is that they are raw materials to many industries such as food and clothing. Drug manufacturing companies use different plant like Tree Shrub Palm Bamboo Fern Cycad Succulent climber Herb Aquatic Orchid species in the manufacture of drugs. Therefore, for drug research to continue, plant conservations should be prioritized.

Plant diversity is under threat as many plant species are being over-exploited. One of the activities that threaten the existing of different plant species is excessive logging. Forest fires are on the rise and this is contributed by climate change. Humans have the mandate to ensure that plant species are safeguarded by enacting the right policies and laws. The most important approach for protecting different plant species is setting up plant botanic gardens. Based on the above discussion, you now understand why plant conservation is crucial as plants are the backbone of life. See page for more detailed information on this topic:

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